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Default Re: HL2 review, 96% in PCG UK

Originally Posted by dante_uk
Never sure which thread to post in when two thread end up with the subjects.
Me either. But generally, I pick the one with the most pages - it's more likely that people'll see it. No harm done.

Originally Posted by dante_uk
I try not to be a troll but I've been reading so many posts in various places about how the Source engine so great and will be the best etc with no real evidence. Those bink movies look cool but in pure CG terms can anyone honestly say the graphics ( ie rendering engine ) looked better than the Doom3 trailer?
I may have jumped the gun on the troll thing. I figured since you'd posted in two threads the exact same thing, you were out for a bit of trolling - again, no harm done. Sorry about that.

As for Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 graphics thing: IMO, the only thing that Doom 3's got going for it (graphically) is unified lighting and some bump mapping. Yes, it makes the game very atmospheric, but I was disappointed that the NPCs weren't more lifelike. Nothing in particular instantly jumps out to me about HL2's graphical goodness other than the shader they have for the water - but like I said in the other thread, HL2's graphical deliciousness comes in the form of lots and lots of little details: facial expressions, correct eye movement/size/lighting, high level of interactivity with levels, excellent use of atmospheric perspective and a real genius with shaders and textures. It doesn't blow your mind, it sneaks in the back door and boom - you're immersed. (I also really dig the game's art design - very, very sharp stuff).

Originally Posted by dante_uk
What I don't buy is any of the hype that so many other people seem to take as fact.
Doom 3 was a good game. It had its faults, but I definitely feel I've gotten my money's worth. As for buying into hype... like Sat said, there are very few people around here who've bought the hype. I'm excited about it, definitely, and I'm glad I've got my preorder in. Whether or not it ends up being as good or better than the first Half-Life remains to be seen.
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