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Default Re: hl2 is looking good

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Ehhh... its hard to compare Far Cry and Half Life 2 I would say... one involves a bunch of islands and tropical stuff... one involves cities and more urban areas. I think tropical islands with all of that organic life and stuff would be much harder to create.
Yeah, it's comparing apples to goats. Really, comparing Far Cry, HL2 and Doom 3 is difficult because they each have specific goals concerning their graphics and they've been coded to meet those goals.

Creating organic environs is very tough... but so's creating a facial expression system (that works well) and, like I said, I'm very impressed with the amount of polish that's gone into the little details that we've seen so far in HL2. And the art direction.

Anyway, karkrash81's got a point - I couldn't care less about the technical specs, really. It's got a lot of cool stuff in it that promises to make the game more immersive.
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