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Default nforce problems

if there is someone able to help me plis, im real desperate, im kind a new to linux, so be gentle, i use debian woody stable version(i think the last from 2002) and there is this problem that i cannot fix, i am using kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4, when i install the nforce driver(the last one from nvidia) it compiles the driver for 2.4.18, even if i use the proper kernel header(kernel-header-2.4.18bf-2.4) i mean i had this many problems traing to install even the nvidia display driver, but then i figure to use the kernel-header instead of the kernel-source, i use a ASUS-A7N266-VM mother board, and athlon XP 1700+, by the way i think that i have other problems to beacuse when i use the scanpci not even the nvidia display(the one i have properly install, in fact in use), so any help, and please i have a modem connection, please dont give me an apt-get solution!!
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