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Talking Tribes: Vengeance Ships / Releases Today! | Feedback

If any of you guys who posted in the mplayer demo thread were lucky enough to get a copy today letís hear it?! Most of my local gaming outlets said to either call back in the afternoon after their shipments come in or just wait until tomorrow to hit the shelves.

Absolutely cannot wait! Havenít really enjoyed playing a demo or anticipated a game this much since UT99. The last several days at my place have been usually spent hitting the bed between 2 & 5AM. The addition of the grapple brings back the nostalgia of playing q2 ctf over 56K w/ 200ms ping times back in the mid-late 90ís Speaking of T:V, also looking fwd to the sponsored Starsiege:Tribes (mech) mod being developed on the new engine
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