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Default Crytek deceives and has killed any future for FarCry

Today on the ubisoft forums, it was announced that the "rocks on the beach" scene and other i.q changes, WONT be implemented in the 1.3 patch and will only "possibly" be used in the 64-bit version of FarCry, which alot like the patch, is nowhere to be found.

I find it deceiving that they used this demo with I.Q changes during the 6800 launch party and E3, and told everyone these scenes would be in the 1.3 patch then wait half a year to say "nope not in the patch...but maaaaaybe in the 64-bit version)

Those of you with 64-bit cpu's, dont get too it was also announced the 64-bit version is nowhere near ready, and that they do not plan on releasing it until Microsoft releases a 64-bit OS ( they claim the beta doesnt support all 64-bit features needed) and seeing as microsoft is focused on can basically say FarCry is officially dead. All this time i've waitied and followed progress..or lack thereof...what a let down....I'll make sure my money never goes toward a crytek product again. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good game, but as soon as they got our $$, they abadoned this title and left everyone in the dark as to what was going on.

And finally, when asked about the 1.3 patch the same answer that has been given for the last 2 months was typed...."soon"

FarCry r.i.p
Bring on HL2.
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