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Default Re: no sound with latest nforce drivers (1.0-0283)

Originally Posted by prego
Hi again,

got it finaly working.

I had to install kernel 2.6.7 cause i can't burn with my IDE-Drives (they made some security issues to the Devices, don't know exactly). After that i tried again with the nvaudio-drivers. And surprisingly it worked.

I've tried also with 2.6.9RC3 - but I can't compile the nvidia-grafik-driver there. So i switched back to 2.6.7. Even my special Dolby-Amplifier setup works fine. NVMixer works great.

Hope that helps someone.

greetz p
****ing unbelievable I thought about installing the 2.7 kernel at one stage and then forgot about it. THis finally works for me - over my SPIDF output to my Dolby Digital reciever then. Kaffeine with Passthrough enabled works like a charm with AC3 encoded files - no luck with analogue audio though. i'm off to fix things Thanks for the heads up - sound never sounded better, even in Windows :up:
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