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Default Re: Crytek deceives and has killed any future for FarCry

Originally Posted by GamingLordX
I give a damn. When I buy a game its not a one time thing for me. I actually play games even years after I buy them. To me, enhanced graphics make me wanna play the game again. Just to see what has changed. I don't know, call me crazy...
I agree with you 100% I dont just play a game once and be done with it. Especially since 99% of PC games have some form of online play. The problem with FarCry is, they keep delaying this 1.3 patch that is going to improve gameplay online, thus making it simply a benchmark for me right now. I've played the SP more times than I want to remember at this point, and sure, maybe in a year i'll want to play through it again, but for patch, which means no online play...there are no support whatsoever...which means in my eyes, the game is dead.

Originally Posted by LiquidX
I new I was right a few months back when I said Far Cry is basically dead with most of the team heading to EA. I still haven't picked up FarCry and in away was waiting for this patch, so I guess I might aswell pick it up now with this news instead of waiting.
You might want to wait till early 05 when they finally do release the 1.3 patch, as it still will have HDRL so u can play it with a shiny glow
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