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Default Re: Crytek deceives and has killed any future for FarCry

Vampires was ready last year in october, but due to HL2's delay, they've basically been sitting on the game for a year.

They have been tweaking it, etc...using the time wisely...but the game has been ready for a year and I really feel for them. They have to be kicking themselves for using the source engine and being screwed over on releasing the product. But then again....would so many people even give this game a second look if it was on a lesser engine? Kind of a catch 22 for them. I hope you're right....i'd love to have HL2 nov.1st.....but seeing as a few sites that were @ a convention that VUG was at reported them being told late nov. at earliest....I'm skeptical. All I know is Valve has soaked alot into this game...they need to see some returns, and I know Vivendi is in a not so good financial state right now, and can really use a to me, it would make sense to push this puppy out the door asap....but with the lawsuit, and vivendi being vivendi (clueless idiots) I can c possible problems.

The lawsuit worries me...because they need to know how much $$ each company has coming before they can release it.
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