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Default Re: Official AquaMark 3 thread

Originally Posted by Road_Star
Great Scores Lars,

You have a mighty fine setup there. I can see the MarkII is working great on that P4EE.

I hope by Christmas I too can enjoy the fruits of Phase Change!

Enjoy that Beast, and I whish you luck in the purchass of a 6800U or x800xt pe.
Thanks. The Mach II is indeed a great cooler, especially for the EE IMHO. It simply loves the cold. The cpu is actually stable past 4.4 Ghz in the Mach II GT, but I'm having some trouble getting the mainboard completely stable above 250 Mhz fsb with 4x 512 MB ram, it's Vddr and Vt modded, but 2 GB @ 1:1 ~250+ Mhz fsb @ 3.2V is pushing the limits I suppose

If you do go phase change I'm sure you'll love it. My previous 3.2EE didn't want to do any more than 3.6 Ghz watercooled, but it did 4.1 in my Mach II GT, so there's quite a bit to gain. This one maxed out around 3.75 Ghz on the retail cooler.
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