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Default Re: Tribes: Vengeance Ships / Releases Today! | Feedback

Originally Posted by Arioch
This game just seemed watered down from the previous Tribes titles and feels more like a Unreal Tournament game that Tribes - I think I will pass unless the retail game turns out to be more than I saw in the beta.
Yeah sadly this is how I feel as well, as a big fan of Tribes 2 I was really looking forward to Vengeance but from the demos it does just feel like a watered down version in all but the graphics quality, so I can't really see any reason to buy it.

In some ways it feels like an Unreal Tournament game, but in that case I think it's better to stick with playing the superior UT2004.

Maybe there should have been more focus on making some really impressive multiplayer gamemodes (with bot support for offline matches), rather than a singleplayer story that most players probably aren't all that bothered about?
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