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Default Re: What is your fave PC Game?

Duke Nuken, playing via link cable on 2 pcs x one of my m8's
Allien v Predators (spooky game)
Power Monger on the Amiga
Recently, COD/COD UO
Medal of Honour (god do i hate the add ons)
Half Life
All of the Doom Series
Age of Empires
Unreal (the original)
Resident Evil (ahhh those where the days)
Far Cry
Beer,helping ugly people getting laid since the dawn of time
My Rig
Gigabyte DS3IS3, C2D Q6600 @ 3400,4096 megs Geil C4 800mhz DDR2,SB Audigy 2, 750W PSU,Palit 460GTX 160 Sata Samsung + 120 Seagate ATA + 80 Sata Seagate, Atapi DVD Rom x16 ,Samsung DVD/RW x12x8
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