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Default Re: Crytek deceives and has killed any future for FarCry

Hmm Farcry.....

Well first point is dont expect hype from ANY IHV on ANY product launch. I have seen it happen over and over with ATI (True form and how it was going to change the game...which only gave us dil-do guns in a few games) and NV with the PS3.0 Farcry patch. Any time you see an IHV pimp then at their launch of a new product, warning lights like Robby the Robot has should start going off.

2nd of all Crytex should not have even messed with PS3.0 support. It made no sense to add on a shipping title. But now they pimped them selves out to both IHV to get PS3.0 and PS2.0b added to Farcry. You dont mess with a shipping product when it has a chance to cause isses (as the 1.2 patch did). It would have been much better for Crytex to add PS3.0 support, PS2.0b, HDR and what not to the engine of the next "Farcry" game. This way you dont delay any patch and risk the delays that they are facing. It was a piss poor choice on their part.....
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