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Default Re: what is the best racing game u played so far?

Booyah! Although I'm currently hooked on RSDG's SCC mod.

I'll have to check out the RH2004 F1 Season.. I think my F1C folder has eclipsed my ut2k4 is size!!

GTR is coming out soon (although US folks will have to wait a bit) WWW.GTR-GAME.COM

Then there's the rforce engine..


I haven't tried the rally stuff, but Richard Burns Rally demo is on my list to try..

You need a good wheel too.. I've got my first impression of the Logitech Driving Force Pro on the hardware section..Its a PS2 wheel, but you can use it on the PC no probs... In fact, I haven't even used it on my PS2 yet.. After using a 900 deg optical wheel, I can't imagine going back to the standard 200 deg wheel...

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