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Question FreeBSD 5.3 no glx

I am running 5.3 but this problem actually happened to me when I was using 4.10. I downloaded the newest drivers and installed them using 'make install'. Everything went fine and it told me afterwards to edit the XFree86 config file (I use xorg but the config is the same basically). I saw that 'load glx' was already in it, and I changed 'nv' to nvidia. What happens is firstly I don't get any nvidia splash screen when I start X, and also when I try to use programs needing glx they don't work. An example being when I try using one of the gl screensavers in Gnome, they don't work, and this is the error message that I get for instance in the case of trying to use the antinspect screen-saver:
"Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display "0.0"
antinspect: display ":0.0" does not support the GLX extension."

I have 'device agp' in the kernel, I am wondering if this has anything to do with it. Thanks for reading.

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