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Default Re: what is the best racing game u played so far?

i have the "top gear" track songs as my ring tones...heheh

Kaido Battle
Tokyo Xtreme Racer series (tho it gets repeative and borring after a while)

Battle Gear 3
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
(cool becuase you get a memory card, and save your progress/ mod your car as you play)

Old Indy Car Racing series games where good, or anything by Papyrus/Sierra
The Old Need for speed games (cant stand Underground, being that I am in import enthusiest, this game is just stupid, along with fast and furious followers..)

But My ALL TIME FAVORITE WAS GRAN TURISMO (1). At the time, that game blew me away, esp since I love all the japanese cars, GT2 or 3 cant touch that. I loved how each dealership has thier own songs. Im not too crazy about the recent ones wiht the addition of euro and american cars, i guess im more into the "japanese tuner" cars.
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