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Default I'm guessing FreeBSD isn't meant for gaming

When I try to play a game like Enemy Territory, I can give it a minute of playing and then it will crash, always. This has happened to me on 4.10 and now on 5.3, could it be xorg-conf? could it be agp? could it be that going back to windows makes for sense?
Section "Module"

# This loads the DBE extension module.

Load "dbe" # Double buffer extension

# This loads the miscellaneous extensions module, and disables
# initialisation of the XFree86-DGA extension within that module.
SubSection "extmod"
Option "omit xfree86-dga" # don't initialise the DGA extension

# This loads the Type1 and FreeType font modules
Load "type1"
Load "speedo"
Load "freetype"
# Load "xtt"

# This loads the GLX module
Load "glx"
# This loads the DRI module
# Load "dri"


sh!t nevermind, I fixed it

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