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Default installing suse from network: no networkcard

Mobo: asus K8N-E deluxe with nvidia nForce3 250b chip

Trying to install suse 9.1 from network because i failed to install it from CD. There are 2 startupmethods: from CD or from floppy. Then u choose the installationsource wich is here : network , ftp or http all the like. At this point the error no network module loaded is given.
However loading the network module is a problem. There is a good list of hardware but wich i have to choose?? What is the exact product that matches the stuff of the nforce3 chip? And what are the parameters for it?

I tried everything that had amd or nforce in its name but it still said that no network was correctly loaded. How can i get this network feature get to work?
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