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Default Re: DK8N, 6800GT & 4GB mem

Actually I meant change in BIOS.
BTW what kernel are you running, I would suggest trying the latest vanilla kernel.
I don't think I can change it in the BIOS. All I can change pertaining to the AGP setup is aperture (32-512 MB), SBA (auto/disable), and FW (auto/disable).

But I did use the trick from the NVidia readme to compile the driver so it won't use anything higher than 4x. It didn't help.

I am running a custom kernel compiled from the 2.6.8 sources with Debian patches.

I will attempt to install a vanilla kernel tonight. I've had trouble with that on Debian in the past, since they use a cramfs initrd and there needs to be a patch applied to the kernel to make it work, but if I am careful about including drivers in the kernel so it can mount the disks without modules, I can install a kernel without an initrd.

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