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Default Re: Can a ti4200 agp4x be moded or turned into AGP8X?

Originally Posted by msxyz
AGP8X and AGP4x interfaces are both physically and electrically different.

Besides, even a 5% overclock would do more to your framerate than switching from agp4x to 8x
Agreed. And if I remember correctly AGP4x and 8x use different slot voltages.

But anyway going from AGP4x to 8x would not be a noteworthy performance boost, not even in benchmarks. In fact the high AGP rate allows for more bandwidth which only really benefits at very high resolutions of 1600x1280 or more. Considering a TI4200 is showing it's age anyway it's unlikely you would be gaming as such high settings, and so AGP8x would be useless.
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