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Default Re: I'm guessing FreeBSD isn't meant for gaming

I have tried putting Option "NvAGP" "2" in the config file, and I built the driver with freebsd agp support. Things are working better but I also changed something else. Is it possible that the game was crashing because my videocard was overheating? Underneath the AGP slot of course was a pci slot that I had put a sound card in yesterday, when I turned off my computer recently I noticed that the fan of the videocard wasn't performing that well with air movement because the other card was blocking it, and also the videocard was really hot, it was burning my hand when I tried touching it. My computer also wasn't getting good air circulation recently because the side door was open, and when it is closed there is a fan in the back that helps push hot air out.

damn, actually both of those things don't seem to make a difference, it seems as if its random whether it crashes or not. Sometimes I'll reboot and then it acts normally, but more often than not it just crashes, or actually sometimes when it does the graphics get all messed up and blocky

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