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Default Re: I'm guessing FreeBSD isn't meant for gaming

Originally Posted by zander
At this point in time, it isn't recommend to use FreeBSD's AGP GART driver; to solve the conflict and enable NvAGP, you will need to either disable agp.ko (FreeBSD 5.3) or rebuild your kernel without agp.ko (the NVIDIA FreeBSD README has more information on these options).
Yeah, and I have tried that too. I have tried both ways. I have tried building the driver for freebsd agp "WITH_FreeBSD_AGP=yes" because I have seen that my kernel has "device agp" in it, and I have also tried putting "agp_load="NO" in the loader.conf"and building the drivers normally with nvidia agp. The strange thing is..this same stuff happened to me when I was using 4.10, and that is why I wanted to use 5.3 because I thought it would make a difference but I just don't know what is happening. I know nothing is wrong hardware wise with the videocard because it worked fine with Windows XP. Also, when you rebuild the driver and install it again, do you first have to delete the existing nvidia files? Because I didn't do that, and I don't know how. Well, in that case, the very first build I did with it on this computer was just a normal "make install".

at least the sound works...

Is it possible tha my USB mouse is having some sort of conflict? Last time the game crashed I rebooted and went into Gnome, the mouse worked fine until I tried playing enemy territory where the mouse went haywire by itself and then it wouldn't respond at all, and then when I quite the game the mouse started working again. I tried getting another mouse to work instead, which is an optical ps/2 mouse, but it just won't work.

I have an attachment of some dmesg output, some of it looks strange actually.
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