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Default Re: DK8N, 6800GT & 4GB mem

Originally Posted by blueworm
I see in your .config that it is not set have you tried this?
Just an Idea!
I tried it originally, but it failed miserably every time, and I can't rmmod it or blacklist it to try the NvAGP driver. So, I disabled it and have been using the standard agpgart/amd64-agp modules since.

Now that I know that things work better if I boot Windows first, I'll try compiling with GART_IOMMU again and booting Windows first to see where it gets me.

(I also just burned an Ubuntu x86 CD and will attempt to install it on the spare drive tonight. At least then I'll be able to tell if it's a 64-bit problem or a Linux [in general] problem.)

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