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Default CS Source: Vertical Sync

Hey all....

I have a LCD Monitor so in most games I like to have Vertical Sync on to get rid of the cutt off images that appear when your turn around really quick... The only problem is that when I have vertical Sync on my frame rate goes to ****( on most maps, like de_aztec) Now I was told that Vertical Sync caps your max fps to your Monitors Refresh rate ( mine is 60hz because I use DVI ) Does anyone know a fix for this? Or something that I can do... I would like to play with Vertical Sync, but the fps decrease makes it not worth it =(

p4 3.2
1g dual channel ram
asus v9999 GE (16,6vp softmod)
Windows Xp SP2

Systam Spics:

*Compewtor*Keeeboard*Mice*Mice Pad
*Cofe Jug*Old Bear Can*5x blu LED's
*Bag of chips that I forgot to throw away*Moniter
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