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Default Re: DK8N, 6800GT & 4GB mem

Well, I've got it basically working, but you guys will laugh when you hear what I did

I built a new kernel ( but I used hazmat's config as a base to start from. Then I compiled the NVidia graphics drivers by hand, but I edited one of the .c files.

In os-interface.c there is the following code on line 980:

if (err < 0)
    nv_printf(NV_DBG_ERRORS, "NVRM: cannot write-combine 0x%08x, %dM\n",
        start, size / (1024 * 1024));
    return RM_ERROR;
I commented it out.

Anyway, /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status now says:

Status:          Enabled
Driver:          NVIDIA
AGP Rate:        8x
Fast Writes:     Disabled
SBA:             Enabled
And my screen updates (opaque window moves and such) are much faster. The few OpenGL screensavers I have on the system are much smoother when the settings are cranked up, and everything APPEARS stable. I have no "write-combining" in /proc/mtrr, but I don't know what that's really for. Either way, this is WAY better than PCI mode!

I'm busy installing the copy of Quake 3 Arena I bought a few years ago for $0.99 now. (That was probably the best piece of commecrial software I ever bought for less than a buck...)

Anyway, thanks for all of the help, guys! I'm going to send a summary of what I've tried (and maybe even a link to this thread) to and see what they have to say about it.

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