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Default Re: Post those CS:Source pics here!

Long live to the Geforce4mx Domination !!!!!

wow.. so many people still with low end cards..

found very interesting the stats on next generation NVidia/ATi hardware.. according to steam..

there are ....9047 users!!! with geforce 6800's n/gt/ultra

and ............6731 users!!! with X800's.. pro/XTpe

it shows which company is winning the heart of gamers this round..
once Nvidia release the 6600GT/pro and also the 6800se ,i bet most of those Geforce4mx users will jump there.. and the others will move to the ATI Radeons9600's/x700's side. the results of Nv4x line should be clearly seen early on 2005 on their quarter reports.

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