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Default Re: DK8N, 6800GT & 4GB mem

Originally Posted by zander
The failure abort you commented out is intentional; with your configuration, the inability to mark the AGP and FB aperture write-combined will result in a performance hit (it should work correctly, though). You might want to check if your SBIOS offers options controlling the RAM/MTRR layout.
Yeah, I kind of figured that would be the case. The comment in the os-interface.c file said that if they couldn't set the aperture as write-combined that it probably meant that something else was using the aperture addresses, and they want to play nice, so they abort AGP setup.

I figured the BIOS was probably setting the MTRRs up improperly, and that there would be no problem using it without setting the MTRRs (Still don't fully understand what MTRRs are for, but I can make wild guesses about it )

Unfortunately, there's not much as far as options on this motherboard's BIOS setup. It's supposed to be a "Professional Workstation Mainboard" (according to IWill) and I can only assume that Professionals don't like having the ability to fix problems when they arise.

I suppose I should contact IWill about it, but I've had less than stellar results with their tech support, so far. I think I'll start with NVidia today, maybe they can talk some sense into IWill (since the DK8N is based on an NVidia chipset.)


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