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Default Re: Destroying Computers in C.S. Source

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09

I thought it was kinda funny how even with the pretty shiny floors and all that fancy hoop-la, it still runs far better than Far Cry. Far Cry sucks.
Uh...why wouldn't it?

You're running around in largely empty levels with simplistic architecture and very little dynamic lighting. I'm not saying it doesn't look good, it does - but complaining that Far Cry doesn't have the same performance? Of course it doesn't.

In Far Cry, you have massive draw distance, complex enemy AI (for todays standards), densely packed vegitation, and in some levels Doom3-style lighting. Obviously, running around in warmed-over Counterstrike levels isn't going to present the same burden to your system.

Don't expect HL2 to get the same performance as CS:S.
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