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Default Re: CS Source: Vertical Sync

I run on an LCD too, though mine manages 75hz too. But my system (9700np, Ath 2500XP) isn't up to hitting that max all the time

If you are truly limited to 60hz, then you're just rather out of luck - I could suggest turning on Triple Buffering (which greatly reduces the times the framerate is cut) except...
a) you're running an nVidia card which doesn't support TB
b) CS:S doesn't support it either (I heard, though I'm not sure that's still true)

So that leaves you with one option if you want vsync on... cut the resolution and the settings down to a point where it rarely does dip below 60fps. It'll feel a bit painful at first, but hell - this is a FPS game where fps is king - admiring the eye candy isn't as important as smooth movement and aiming.
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