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Default Re: Post those CS:Source pics here!

Originally Posted by Nv40
Long live to the Geforce4mx Domination !!!!!

wow.. so many people still with low end cards..

found very interesting the stats on next generation NVidia/ATi hardware.. according to steam..

there are ....9047 users!!! with geforce 6800's n/gt/ultra

and ............6731 users!!! with X800's.. pro/XTpe

it shows which company is winning the heart of gamers this round..
once Nvidia release the 6600GT/pro and also the 6800se ,i bet most of those Geforce4mx users will jump there.. and the others will move to the ATI Radeons9600's/x700's side. the results of Nv4x line should be clearly seen early on 2005 on their quarter reports.

NV40 can we please keep this about CS and Screen shots?
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