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Default Re: Official AquaMark 3 thread

Originally Posted by Road_Star

Thanks for the info, if you got 4.3 out of your EE that was only getting 3.75 on air I should get at least 4.3 also. This chip is overclocking nicely on air so far. 3.90 with Heatpipe style cooler, two 80mm fans, one pulling and one pushing.

Last bench I set the OCZ ram manually to 2.5-4-4-7 and stepped the volts up to 2.85

I'm a long way from your scores but i'm geting closer to 80K


You don't happen to have a spare Mack II sitting arround there you don't need do ya?
Those are very nice results from an air cooled cpu Actually I did have an extra mach II unit sitting around that I was planning on using for my other system, but I sold it about a month ago
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