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Default Re: CS Source is a crap

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Doom3 is opengl. Half-Life 2 is Direct3d. Doom3 does not use any Directx 9 features. Half-Life 2 uses DirectX 9 features that run very slow on NV3X hardware (5200-5950) ATI hardware (9500-9800xt) are much better on DirectX 9 games. If you notice, FarCry also runs in DirectX8 mode on your card. It just doesn't tell you.
So is it safe to say since doom3 can use advanced features/shaders with opengl then directx9 (microsoft) could partially be the blame for a poorly executed API?

I don't play farcry, but I've heard about the dx8 thing before.

I'll wait for the 6600/6700 line of NV card I suppose, I dont want to sink another $300+ into a card, I can't even get a year out of them now.
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