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Default Re: Tribes: Vengeance Ships / Releases Today! | Feedback

humph...i don't know.

T:V seems just barely more than a deathmatch/CTF game with vehicles and better than Unreal Tourney 2004.

i've played for about 3 hours on various servers, and barely anyone uses the defensive tactics with turrets and mines etc..

the tank is abominably bad...single man flying vehicles are okay.

most sounds are cheesy...the whistle of the mortars doesn't seem like it belongs. turrets are very clunky feeling...actually the whole game feels clunky.

mortar guns don't seem to have the same distance...much less...less accurate for long range stuff. sniper rifle seems very underpowered.

don't know if i like the 3 guns for every armor loadout aspect either.

no force fields so you can protect your entrances from mortars and suicide bombers? you have to wait around for various ships/flyers to spawn without being able to order them up? no targeting laser?

doesn't anyone miss the complex defensive setups that T1 and T2 had?
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