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Default Really cool Half-Life Mod

With all the recent interest in Steam, I went browsing through the third-party games available in Steam.

Maybe its been there for a while, but I noticed "The Ship" listed and I dont recall ever seeing it before.

So i downloaded it and it is AWESOME! There is NO mod like this. I guarantee it. Its not bug free but this is an amazing idea. It seems sort of complex but its really simple and works AMAZINGLY well.

You have to play this mod.

The main idea:
You are on a cruise ship (different levels = different ships) and there are other players as well as dozens of NPCs (basically just scientists with different models that run around). Your objective is to kill your "quarry" (always another player, not an NPC) without being caught. Your quarry changes every time someone kills thiers. There are camera zones in which you will be arrested if you show your weapon (you just get sent to the brig for a little while and you lose some money and your weapons). To keep things interesting, players have to keep track of their basic needs. You have to drink, eat, sleep, piss, crap(no lie), get entertainment, socialize...
Also, something i almost forgot. The kicker to the "find your quarry" thing is that you know NO ONES name at the beginning of a round. You walk up to someone and "use" them and then you know eachothers names (which are aliases given to everyone at the start of the game, so the names change).

Theres just way too much to tell about this mod. Its so awesome

Go here are read the PDFs and other info on the game:

Its such a great mod, im really glad i played it today. It might get tiresome after a while but its loads of fun right now
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