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Default Re: CS Source is a crap

Originally Posted by Zips
Even that won't make full use of the engine's capabilities as they want to make the game accessible to a wider range of gamers (unlike Doom 3).

The capabilities are there and they will undoubtedly add more features via Steam as time progresses.

To thread starter: To say that the game is "crap" just based on what you believe to be sub-par graphics, is an extremely shallow statement.
Actually, if you did your research, Doom 3's engine has vehicle cababilities, open area capabilities... its actually very very complex. Doom 3 is only the tip of the iceberg of what the engine could do. Would there be a lag when 20 people play together online. With today's hardware yes, tomorrows, nope! And if you argue that this is about what we can do today, im sorry, but id software was never about today, it was always about tomorrow. Currently there is no engine more advanced in capabilites then id's doom 3 engine. I know we all played doom 3 and saw only small rooms and lagging when many effects play at the same time. But remember that its just crappy hardware slowing it and limiting it. Just do a little research on interviews with id employees and you will understand what that engine can do. Doom 3 is just a graphic demo of the engine. Although a very cool graphic demo.

Doom 3 rocks. Halflife 2 will rock. Farcry was ok the first time through. Many games are great. Just don't look at what wasn't specifically not put in to suit your own personaly tastes and you will appreciate many more games!!

oops. misread what you wrote. Doom 3 isn't tailored to a wide audience just yet. you are correct.
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