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Default Re: CS: Source runs really well

Originally Posted by zaG
The game dosenīt run smooth w/ a 6800 Ultra 65.73, Athlon 2400+ @ 2250 and 1024 MB Corsair. Set all to high and 4xAA/16xAF/Vsync enabled and get ingame 70% >> 30-60 fps and the rest 60-90 fps. In VST i get 82.09 fps !! If i run the game on lowest settings ... it changed nothing, still slowdowns. Other games run very well .. think the game got many problems !?!?
What resolution are you playing at? I have noticed a few drops into the upper 30's @ 1600x1200 w/4xAA and 16xAF and high quality set it the CP. If I set it at quality vs high quality then it never drops below 50fps
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