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Default Re: Some quick CS-S vids i made quickly...

Crappy video card! Plus I'm not that much of a single player game player. Ever since I got a girlfriend games totally lost appeal to me. So I don't wanna waste the money to upgrade my video card, or pay the money for most games. CS though, is a fun game to play against my friends when I'm bored

I got Doom 3, played it for a little over an hour, got bored, never beat it
Got Far Cry, played it a little, played some multiplayer, never beat it
Got Sims 2, played an hour or two, realized how bored it was making me, never touched it since

Games just don't hold appeal. The only game I've beat since I got this computer in January is NFSU, and COD. And that's only cause they were the first games I got, and I wanted to test out my new "state of the art" video card. Oh how times have changed..


P.s. Plus HL1 wasn't that great to me. I saw it on PS2, was amazed (think it was PS2. Might of been PS1) so I asked my friend, he said it was computer too. Played it a bunch, never beat it, never looked back
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