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Default Re: John carmack on next game engine.. cool stuff.

Originally Posted by gmontem
If the Doom 3 engine can handle outdoors well then why in mars are people still using 2D images for the background?

Farcry ,Hl2 ,Stalker all use 2d images in their backgrounds.. you will not find a single game that doesnt do this.. in outdoors areas.. Hl2 use 2d trees in the far distance.. FArcry however draws more distance ,Farcry doesnt need that much 2d backgrounds since the game is in an island ..but still use 2dbackgrounds.. for the Sky ..all games uses 2dBackgrounds it just that some of them hide it with FOG or with mountains. Doom3 engine can handle FArcry /Stalker ot Hl2 distance in their outdoors.. just like Callof duty ,do it in the quake3 engine.but even better since have more drawing distance.the only thing that will not handle well huge outdoors are your hardware. once hardware improve people will be able to push more and more polygons ,just like in any other game.
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