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Default Re: Game Material Physics

The physics in Half-life 2 appear to show examples of all the physics models you described. Have you seen the HL2 tech videos? They show wood fragmenting when shot (and it's dynamic based on where you hit it), and things like matresses bend and conform to what they're set on (though I'm not sure what happens when you shoot it). Reviews have said that the physics play a big part in the game, so I think your theory that the phyics don't affect the gameplay of HL2 is unfounded. The Havok engine is very robust, and the Meqon engine even moreso. Modern physics engines allow for a huge number of effects, they just haven't been exploited yet. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing physics-driven animations being used in games, which is even used in one of the Meqon tech demos but so far no game has even used that engine. If noone else does first, I'm going to try to get a mod togeather to see if that effect can be pulled off using the physics engine that HL2 uses (which is basically a version of Havok 2.0). If it works, well, then I have more than a few ideas on how to use it.
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