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Default Re: Game Material Physics

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
The physics in CS:S are bugged, you should be able to push oblects but right now you get pushed back. In the beta you didn't so im guessing we have to wait for a fix.
Someone at Valve informed us that this is because the player is not modeled to physics the way NPCs and objects are: He is not a series of joints, but rather a 'force' field with a ball for movement. This is why explosions push you 'back', and you bounce collide with objects rather than flying about ragdoll and having impact calculations for your body as a series of related objects. The crowbar, on the other hand, is a real-world object which collides (from your view, and the outside) with objects in actuality - something can strike one or another portion of the crowbar, and if something is in the center of your screen it will not be struck until and unless your crowbar physically transverses it (as opposed to the effective reticule spread with a range limit of the original HL).
HL2s physics are neat, and Havok2 seems even neater, but there's nothing that's really 'reactive' in the sense that I could go outside and just start breaking anything I wanted, and pick stuff up and beat other stuff with it. Still in the world of Aristotlian or Kantian objects-in-themselves and catergories rather than arbitrary, on-the-fly calculation of properties with regards to one another.
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