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Default Re: CS Source is a crap

Wow, I've noticed something pretty damn sad. When someone's opinion is not along the majority, the name calling begins? Why is this? Isn't this just a game after all?

FarCry and Doom3 are great single player games, however doom3 hasn't made me want to come back and play it again, nor has the multiplayer. Friends who have FarCry have said the same about FarCry as well as Doom3. Heck, according to the CryTek videos that came out before the game was even annouced finished left me, and others, with the impression that multiplayer and multiplayer maps were going to be the focus of the game. That turns out being false.

Watching them videos of Source have done nothing for me. A couple things that I enjoyed were the flash bang effects and the destruction of that pc in the game. However that is hardly enough to sell me on the game. In other words, I am not impressed. Looks like BF42: Desert Combat Mod with a few lighting effects and added physics, that is it.

Actually looking more forward to Battlefield 2 and Medal of Honor Pacific Assualt rather than HL2 or Source.

Doom 3 gives me the Resident Evil Series vibe. I liked that alot, but I am a different type of gamer than I was back in 96'. Can't comment on FarCry, though my buds have said they could have done without the experimental creatures in the game. Once they beat it, it was shelved.

Paying as much as we do for games now, I don't want something that cost that much to be discarded after I finish playing it.

I suppose that I expected CS: Source to be closer to all the hype that surrounded it. I'm even more confident HL2 will provide the same disappointment.

MoH: Pacific Assualt looks so much different compared to the previous versions of MoH, that is what has me excited. I suppose it doesn't need the hype surrounding it like many other games have. I see very little talk about it compared to Doom3 and HL2.

CS: Source looks like a more along the "mod" lines than a breakthrough game. HL2 looks breakthough, though the mention of single player only has totally and utterly completely turned me off.

If you want a single player experience, go get a console. I think my pc should take advantage of multiplayer and internet connection as often as possible in a game.

That's just my $0.02

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