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Default Re: CS Source is a crap

First of all there was little hype surrounding CS Source. It is merely just a graphics update. Thats all its intended to be, and thats all it does. And it does look lightyears ahead of the original Counter-Strike.

Have you read the reviews of Half-Life 2? I am so excited about it I cannot hold myself in my chair anymore. Most magazines have already claimed it being possibly the greatest of all time, not to mention PC Gamer awarding it a 98%. Near perfect. Not saying that I always agree with magazine reviews, but when a game scores that high, it has to be good. Trust me, PC Gamer and all the other magazines have a reputation to keep. If their reviews aren't accurate, or if they hand out good scores, they will lose customers. The magazine is to keep you from buying games you won't like, and buy games you will like. If they fail at that, they lose readers.

I know Half-Life 2 will be good, and I can't wait.
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