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Default Re: CS: Source runs really well

I was trying to do some benchmarking with the built-in Stress Test and I am having some weird issues.

Ok, so all the tests were run at 1024 x 768 (max of my LCD :/), with the 66.81 drivers.

Here are the results for my Athlon xp @ 2.2 Ghz using a softmodded 6800NU:

Core/mem no AA/2xAF 2xAA/2xAF 4xAA/4xAF 6xAA8xAF
350/700 102.6 99.1 94.4 102.8
400/800 103.1 100.6 99.6 102.9
425/800 103.2 103.2 103.1 102.7

Ok, so you can see that the OCing only helps when AA/AF is turned up, the CPU otherwise is the limiting factor (oc-ing the CPU more, increased the FPS indeed).

But check the last column, increasing the AA/AF increased the FPS suddenly! Well, I haven't had the time to check out the differences in image quality, but something is wrong here. Either CS:S does not use AA/AF, or something else is up :/

Btw, I did run these tests multiple times with the same results.

This might explain why some others in this thread seem to be able to run 16xAF/8AA with a very high framerate. The question is, is it really enabled?

I might try and compare a few frames and try to figure this out once I can be bothered to.
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