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Default Re: CS Source is a crap

Originally Posted by ultimate17
I dunno about their accuracy...they gave Doom 3, 94%. While Doom 3 is a fine game, it's no 94%. Maybe 80-85%. I've learned to ignore reviews, their more hype helping to sell the product than anything else.

Albeit HL2 will surely be a great game, maybe even "the greatest game ever" but that term is used too often for me these days. I remember when Halo came out on Xbox and was labeled that. And to me, Halo isn't even better than Doom 3, little-lone "the greatest game ever". Heck, some people even used that term for Far Cry, UT2K4, and then recently on Doom 3. And i'm sure it will be over-used in the future as well, with titles like S.t.a.l.k.e.r and Quake 4 coming. It seems whenever a graphically impressive game with decent physics makes it's way to the market, it's labeled "greatest game ever". The term is overkill. We all know Final Fantasy 7 is, was and always will be the greatest game EVER. =)~
Final Fantasy 7 and complete series is the biggest crap i ever saw. No offense, but the game is designed for 5 years old kid to be calm till his mom comes back from the shoping...give me a break....
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