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Angry wierd network problems with nforce2 and kernel

Ok, i hope someone else has run into this... i'm all out of ideas. kernel 2.6.4 was working fine but lacked features i need and didn't seem to support the newest nvidia video card drivers. I've installed and it seems to work just fine, except for the network. the network drivers load with no complaints and even seem to work fine intially. i can ping stuff, i can use gaim (open source aim client, for the uninitiated) no problem, but when i try to load a webpage any bigger than about the size of it never finishes loading. It doesn't freeze, or lockup in anyway... it doesn't even *stop* loading ... the progress meter on my browser just keeps spinning away, but i verified with ethereal what my network switch lights had already told me; after the first 158 packets or so, no more get through, its like time just simply stops in the networking subsystem. same problem with audio streams; after 4k the shoutcast buffer just stops filling... not that it doesn't hang or stop trying, it just stops at 4k and never finishes. SO wierd. transfers *to* the computer initiated via scp from another computer don't seem to be affected, which is SUPER wierd but i havn't tested this thoroughly.

so here's the best (worst) part of this insane network glitch; its happening with both the forcedeth drivers AND the nvnet newest drivers, and it even happens if i disable the onboard network device via bios and try to use my trusty old linksys tulip-based ethernet card instead.

ideas? anyone? please

i'm using the abit nf7-s rev. 2.0 motherboard with the newest bios (version 26 but this problem was happening with version 21 too.. my upgrade was in vain) a gainward geforce4 4800se video card and a gig of some corsair ddr ram and an athlonxp 3200+

none of these problems plagued me with the 2.6.4 kernel, but it wouldn't work with the nvnet or nvsound drivers at all, or the x6111 video card drivers, and the open-source audio drivers were missing some important feature that quake3 and doom3 need.
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