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Default Hi, my name is Sven and i`m addicted... the Fallout games (FO 1+2, FO:Tactics)

I really wanted to know, if there are others like me, who have a normal live, family, work and household to keep clean, AND still are addicted to the Fallout games!?

I know that some of you don`t even know the games since they are from 97/98, but perhaps some fellas here can understand me?!

I mean, come on....i remember when the FO1 demo was released it all started: I had some friends visiting me, and we wanted to go to a party. My girl was @ home watching TV with some other chicks, and i was ready to go....

....but then i happend, and i started the demo. Little talking here, little puzzling there, and then the first fight: "BAMMM" enemys torso exploded after a nice burst from my MP.

"HOLY S H I T"....that was so awesome. I played and played and played....meanwhile my friends were gone (the party, you remember?) and i was still playing the demo. After about 10-15x through the demo, when i was 100% sure, that i had seen everything in it (next day again up to 10 times , I knew it: This is the game. The one and only....

@ this time i was over 20, so i never could imagine i will be so deep into a game EVER! (but i never get to old for gaming i think....)

Well, the time went by, and i finally got the game (imported from USA to Germany, cause the german version sucked ass and was cut and censored like hell!)

I played, and played for days till it was over. It was a very strange moment: The game you couldn`t wait to get your hand on was over....finished.

Happy or sad...i didn`t know what to be. I played it like 4-5 times with totally different Chars i made (Soldier type, Talker, Martial Arts, Sneaker/Thief...Man/Woman and so on)

Some weeks later i think, it happened: The sequel was anounced: Fallout 2! was i happy!

The time went by, some previews came, and i knew it: Bigger, better ->FO2!

This time i said to my girl: "Sorry Marina, but you have to understand me. I will take 2 weeks free from work, and won`t be much around the next days..."

I have a really great girl. She didn`t understand me, but she could live with it. A man, who sits 14-16 hrs in front of the computer playing some Mad Max ****, comming to eat, no sex, and straight to bed. --> This lasted some days like 5-6, than FO2 was over for the first time.

And now please don`t laugh: I cried when it was over. I was so damn sad, cause i knew somehow, that this was it--> The Game of my life.

And believe me, i`m really no nerd or computer junkie, i`m not fat and lonely or anything. It never happened again, not before or after.

Even FO:Tactics was very good, not as good as FO 1+2, but still very good.

Now, in some weeks "The Fall" is comming out, and i hope it could come close to FO. Looks very nice, and is Mad-Maxed like Fo.
I played FO2, and now 1 again, for a last time i guess, and i am really lovin`it again....6 years later, and still nothing lodt from it`s magic!

So, are there any other FO addicted here? I really would love to know.

And please don`t make fun of me, cause i really love one game so much, that i would sell my house to play a third part (which perhaps will come, because the rights are sold to the Morrowind-makers, since Interplay/Black Isle was closed)

BTW, Brian Fargo or Chris Taylor: If you read this, i really love you guys for what you did with FO1+2. Thanks!

Oh yeah, of course i have a "real life", but all that stuff i wrote is true!

Have fun guys...


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