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Default Re: Hi, my name is Sven and i`m addicted...

Originally Posted by Banko
I'm addicted but frankly FO:T was horrible :P I even visit No Mutants Allowed, and Duck And Cover. I really got pissed when they canned FO3, and then gave it to a no talent Bethesda, the Morrowind games were so horrible :/
I hear ya man: PRAISE THE LORD....there are others

Yeah, FO:Tactics wasn`t even close to FO1+2, but i guess for me it was kind of a nice trip back in the wastelands. (You know what i mean)

If Bethesda is going to **** up FO3, im going to burn their homes down, kill their dogs and eat their children......(just kiddin`)

I guess it will be like any other 3D-RPG those days, even if games like Kotor, Gothic1 and Gothic2 are really good. But not even close to Fallout.

You know "The Fall"? There is a nice video out (around 100megs) with a great music score. How do you like it? Think it could be close..?! I hope so!

Well, i have to go to bed, it`s 2:30 here in Germany atm, and it`s really nasty to get up early, after 4 hrs of sleep..... :-(

But nice to know other "addicted" FO Players, and yeah NMA is a good page regarding FO. Theres and which i can recommend you if you are german!? ...and the "The Fall" Forum is nice too!

Bye, and good night


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