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Default Ti4600 speed on a demanding game

Ok, this is where the speed is and also, reluctantly I admit, probably the best card out there. So I want to find out once and for all from you ti4600 users if the card runs UT2003 full leaked beta fast like UT fast.

I know it's not the final game and my card is only on par with ti500, but the game beta has an overall slow feel to it to me. And players are complaining about slow running speed compared to UT. The defenders of its gameplay say that the special moves make up for it. But even the special jumps seem to get off to a slow start and aren't that fast to me. So does the ti4600 make the running speed and the moves fast like UT? Or is the game slow, as I suspect? This is the place to get an answer to it finally, as far as the beta goes.


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