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Default Re: Who will buy Half Life 2 on Steam or DVD?

Originally Posted by DJMONDY
What about the payments? Is there a monthly/yearly fee?

If i order the silver package and when half-life 2 eventually comes out do i have to be connected to steam/net to play single player on half-life 2?

What package did you get?

Sorry about all the questions
There are no monthly fees associated w/ Steam like an MMORP. You buy the package from Steam, dl it & you’re set. Now when HL2 finally is released, you’ll prolly have to connect up to steam to unlock what you’ve already d/led but after that you’re fine. Steam doesn’t need to be connected in order to play single player. What you have to do is login to Steam in “offline” mode. It will then tell you no updates are availible but you’ll still be able to play single player.

I currently have the bronze package since a friend of mine gave me an Ati voulcher but, I will prolly go ahead & upgrade to silver since its only $10 more once the game goes gold.

Also, regardless of which package you purchase, Steam will still allow you to precache HL2, so in the event that you do buy it a majority of the data will already be d/led on yer machine.
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