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Default Re: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!

Might it be useful to inspect lspci -xxx output (look for "VGA compatible controller")
and/or /sys/class/nvidia/nvidia0/.
Also after exiting X, try explicitly cycling nvidia.ko (i.e. modprobe --remove nvidia
followed by modprobe nvidia).
The pci scan in /var/log/XFree86.0.log looks sane?

If I were you, I'd first revert to 1.0-6106 and get that working again. You've got
things in the back of your mind that might sooner assist you in that than trying to
get the newer driver working. When you get it working, don't forget to save a good
XFree86.0.log from a session in a safe place. Might come in handy when you now
again try to install the newer driver. Just a straight diff (ignoring uninteresting
discrepancies) between the old XFree86.0.log and the new one might then be
revealing. There's other things you might save, like 'lspci -xxx output'.

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