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Default Re: Anyone ever see any mythical/mutant video cards?

Originally Posted by Gator
here is an oldie but good, the Quantum 3D Obsidian 2 AGP
It's a single solution Voodoo2 SLI card!


The best cards for overclocking are the Diamond Monster 3D II and the Miro HiscoreČ. Both are able to run at up to 98 MHz I have - if you accept the expenses of cooling! Otherwise you will face serious temperature problems. Canopus' Pure3D 2 is the only card that comes with a little fan, but unfortunately it was still not as highly overclockable as the above mentioned boards.

The performance gains of overclocking a VoodooČ are only around some per cent even with a Pentium II 400. Maybe it could be worth it with a 500 MHz CPU, but in this case I would rather recommend going for a Voodoo3 card, once 3Dfx decides to supply it! "

98 mhz, now that's speed!! Ha ha, back in the day.

I have an Asus V6600 Ultra 64mb Geforce 256 sitting in my office. I haven't been able to find mention of that card ANYWHERE on the web, EVER. Maybe it's a one of a kind deal.
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